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Author Terms of Service and
Submission Guidelines
Publisher Terms of Use Below

The list below contains our author Terms of Use. Please read prior to signing up for an author account. These terms may change over time based on those trying to "game the system". Any changes will be sent to your member email address when changes are made.

Author Terms of Service:

  • You agree that you are the original author of each article you submit. If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have exclusive rights to each article you submit.

  • You agree that your article is being submitted manually or with the help of a submission software program. Third party mass submission services are strictly prohibited. Use of a third party mass submission service to submit articles to our database will result in cancellation of your account and removal of all associated articles.

  • You agree that if your article has been deemed by our editing staff to have been fabricated by software (article spinner), that the article will be deleted and your author account terminated immediately and without notice. We do not and will not approve of any articles fabricated using content "spinning" software.

    We are strongly against the "spinning" of content and/or non-human content fabrication.

  • There are no guarantees that your articles will be accepted for publication in our directory. It is at our sole discretion whether or not to include your articles. If published, we reserve the right to remove any articles at any time. Articles must be of top quality, free from grammar and/or spelling errors.

  • We reserve the right to choose a more suitable category for your articles if we find them to be classified wrong. NOTE: To suggest a new category or subcategory, simply type it into the 'category' field on the article submission page.

  • We reserve the right to edit your submitted articles to correct spelling and grammar. All articles must be submitted in English and must be a minimum of 350 words.

  • By submitting your articles to, you agree to allow us to: Publish your article on and any of its article directory partners. Publish your article in RSS format for other web sites to download and syndicate. Publish your article in our real time, daily, or weekly newsletters.

  • You agree that is a free service for authors and publishers. You will not be paid or reimbursed in any way for submitting your articles to our sites. This, of course, does not apply to your allotted hyperlinks within your article content.

  • You agree to not include any affiliate hyperlinks in your article submissions. If you are trying to promote an affiliate program, please set up your own domain and link to your domain with your hyperlinks.

  • You agree not to add hyperlinks in your articles which lead to websites containing hate content, racist content, warez content, pornography, any illegal material or sites inappropriate for minors. reserves the right to determine if a website shall be considered inappropriate or falls into any of the categories listed in the previous sentence.

  • may at any time translate your article into various languages for our sister sites. Your article will remain complete with your resource box.

  • We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time.

  • We reserve the right to include advertising on any pages on this site including pages that display your articles.

  • All authors may only submit a single article per day, however unlimited daily submissions will be allowed in the legacy database ( Authors may submit articles up to one week (7 days) in advance.

  • If you cancel your author membership, your articles will remain published for a period of at least one year, however your author page and RSS feeds will be removed immediately.

Publisher Terms of Use

The list below contains our author Publisher Terms of Use. Please read prior to publishing any content found on this website. Most importantly, any hyperlinks contained within the article content must remain intact and functional when published on your website.

Publisher Terms of Use:

  • You must not remove any hyperlinks from articles you choose to publish. All hyperlinks must remain intact and functional when published on your website. If you cannot respect this rule, please do not bother using our feeds.

  • You must respect the copyright of each author whose articles you wish to publish. This includes but is not limited to

      • 1. Resource box
      • 2. Any hyperlinks provided by the author.

  • You must not change, edit, or reword any part of any article on our website that is not written by you.

  • You must agree to keep hyperlinks "live" so that users can click on said link and be taken to its destination. You may add or change a "target" to make the link open in a new window if you wish.

  • You agree to never use any articles obtained from in any form of Spam or unsolicited mail or email.

  • You agree to not publish any articles on sites that contain hate content, racist content, warez content, pornography, any illegal material or sites inappropriate for minors. reserves the right to determine if a website shall be considered inappropriate.

  • You agree to never sell any article obtained from our directory without written consent from the author. This includes selling articles individually or in a compilation.

    Disclaimer You agree to not hold liable in any form or matter. is simply a repository for authors and publishers. If you have an issue with someone plagiarizing/stealing your original work, however, please contact us and we will remove the article in question immediately upon proof of copyright. Please provide proof of copyright in your email!

    Note: will require proof of copyright based on previous dates and URL's where the article in question was previously published by you.

  • does not endorse any author, web site, or product mentioned in any articles not written by the team. All articles published by are not meant to be used for legal, medical, or any other type of advice. All articles are for informational purposes only.

  • Obtaining any article from is an agreement that you will abide by all terms set forth in the list above. holds the right to make changes to these terms of use at any time. It is the publishers responsibility to maintain knowledge and compliance with these terms.

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