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About The AdFreeArticles System

Ad Free Articles is an online article directory unlike any article directory online today. Our article pages contain absolutely no advertising or outgoing links other than the ones that matter - yours!

But running an article directory is just like running any other online business. Without an avenue of income (usually advertising) then the article directories would go out of business. So they fill your article pages with obtrusive, ugly ads.

The problem in this lies in the fact that when someone clicks on an advertisement on your article page, they are taken to another website - usually your competitor's website - never to return to your article again.

Backlinks from article directories are still valuable to your own website, but in this day and age, you need to be concentrating on other things in order to run an effective article marketing campaign - mainly getting people to your website, sales or squeeze page.

So getting the prospects to your website is our main goal here at Ad Free Articles.

A Brand New Concept In Article Marketing

But without advertising on the article pages, how on Earth do we stay in business? Well, instead of collecting revenue from the advertising clicks, like all the other article directories, and giving your prospects a way to get to your competition's websites, we simply charge the author a small fee (only $7 per month) to publish their ad-free articles and collect 100% of the targeted traffic that lands on their article.

If you are serious about your online business, a measly $7 is nothing when you factor in the 75% average increase in click-through rates from articles with no ads and traffic leaks! That's right. Studies have shown that when all advertising is removed from article directory article pages, the increase in CTR to the author's website averages around 75%. This was proven most recently from a study done at

Imagine the resulting increase in your list members, prospects and sales. This makes AdFreeArticles a complete no-brainer for anyone who is serious about their online business.

Join us today and discover the amazing difference your business will see when you can squeeze literaly all of the traffic out of your syndicated online content.


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